GrGen: The Graph Rewrite Generator

Welcome to GrGen.NET!

GrGen.NET is a software development tool that offers programming languages optimized for graph-structured data, with declarative pattern matching and rewriting at their core, with support for imperative and object-oriented programming, and a bit of database-like query-result processing. The languages are brought to life by a compiler emitting highly efficient assemblies and a rapid prototyping environment offering graphical and step-wise debugging.

The tool eases the transformation of graph-based representations, or better: allows you to work at their natural level of abstraction. Graph representations are typically employed in engineering (designs, blueprints), model transformation (models), computer linguistics (syntax graphs, semantic nets), or compiler construction (intermediate representations, program graphs) -- but a graph is maybe the most natural representation of the data of your domain, too?

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To learn more about GrGen, take a look at its user manual: