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Changing width of 500 to scale 50%

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 .. image:: _images/rs1_welcome.png
    :target: _images/rs1_welcome.png
-   :width: 500
+   :scale: 50%
 This is the basic layout.  There are three primary components:
 .. image:: _images/rs2_printstats.png
    :target: _images/rs2_printstats.png
-   :width: 500
+   :scale: 50%
 Any command can be executed here, and the output will appear in an output cell
 below.  The output cells have two sets of arrows on them.  The leftmost (blue)
 .. image:: _images/rs3_proj.png
    :target: _images/rs3_proj.png
-   :width: 500
+   :scale: 50%
 Once the projecting is done, a new tab for the plot widget should be opened.
 This will include the image, a colorbar, a metadata window, and a couple
 .. image:: _images/rs4_widget.png
    :target: _images/rs4_widget.png
-   :width: 500
+   :scale: 50%
 You can ctrl-click on the image (this is broken in Firefox, but works in
 Chrome!  We're working to fix it!) to re-center on a given location.  The
 You may notice that there is a menu above the object list:
 .. image:: _images/rs5_menu.png
-   :width: 500
+   :scale: 50%
    :target: _images/rs5_menu.png
 There are a number of options here:
 dragging drags.
 .. image:: _images/mapserver.png
-   :width: 500
+   :scale: 50%
 This is also functional on touch-capable devices such as Android Tablets and
 iPads/iPhones.  In future versions, we hope to add halo-overlays and
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