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Updating debug page for command line pastebin and pastebin_grab wrapper functions.

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 A pastebin is a website where you can easily copy source code and error
 messages to share with yt developers or your collaborators. At a pastebin is available for placing scripts.  With
-``yt`` the script ```` is distributed, which allows for
-commandline uploading and downloading of pasted snippets.  To upload script you
+``yt`` the script ```` is distributed and wrapped with 
+the ``pastebin`` and ``pastebin_grab`` commands, which allow for commandline 
+uploading and downloading of pasted snippets.  To upload a script you
 would supply it to the command:
 .. code-block:: bash
-   $
+   $ yt pastebin
 The URL will be returned.  If you'd like it to be marked 'private' and not show
 up in the list of pasted snippets, supply the argument ``--private``.  All
 snippets are given either numbers or hashes.  To download a pasted snippet, you
-would use the ``--download`` option:
+would use the ``pastebin_grab`` option:
 .. code-block:: bash
-   $ --download=216
+   $ yt pastebin_grab 1768
 The snippet will be output to the window, so output redirection can be used to
 store it in a file.
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