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 come up regularly. Here are the solutions to some of the most common
+.. _faq-scroll-up:
 I can't scroll-up to previous commands inside iyt
    $ ~/yt/bin/pip install readline
+.. _faq-new-field:
 I added a new field to my simulation data, can ``yt`` see it?
    print pf.h.field_list
    print pf.h.derived_field_list
+.. _faq-old-data:
-Projections or grids look weird!
+``yt`` seems to be plotting from old data
-``yt`` caches information about your grids in between runs.  If you have run
-your simulation and allowed it to re-populate the same directory with files,
-you may need to erase the files ending in ``.harrays`` and ``.yt`` if you want
-to ensure a clean slate.
+``yt`` does check the time stamp of the simulation so that if you
+overwrite your data outputs, the new set will be read in fresh by
+``yt``. However, if you have problems or the ``yt`` output seems to be
+in someway corrupted, try deleting the ``.yt`` and
+``.harray`` files from inside your data directory. If this proves to
+be a persistent problem add the line:
+.. code-block:: python
+   from yt.config import ytcfg; ytcfg["yt","serialize"] = "False"
+to the very top of your ``yt`` script. 
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