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what is it?

decoupage is a static file server that allows for index pages configurable with genshi templates and .ini files. I mainly wrote it because i was tired of using apache for serving my website and generating index.html files by hand. Decoupage provides views into the filesystem.

how do i use it?

Set up a paste .ini file that specifies the directory to serve ( and, optionally, a configuration file .ini file (decoupage.configuraton) which specifies the labels for the files based on directory. An example of a paste .ini file is in decoupage.ini. Note the [app:decoupage] section:

paste.app_factory = decoupage.factory:factory = %(here)s/example
decoupage.configuration = %(here)s/example.ini

The labels for files are in example.ini, specified by sections as directories:

foo.txt = a file about cats

lilly.txt = lilly
hobbes.txt = a file about Hobbes

You can specify the entire layout from here. Alternately, you can have an index.ini in a directory which, if present, overrides the default configuration. Such a file is in the fleem subdirectory of example:

/template = index.html
fleem.txt = some fleem for ya

Try it out! Install decoupage and run paster serve decoupage.ini and point your browser to the URL it gives you.

how do i do more with decoupage?

Since filenames can't start with a / (just try it!), the functionality of decoupage may be extended with / commands in a section. This is done by adding a setuptools entry_point to [decoupage.formatters]. See the decoupage and decoupage.formatters for examples. For instance,

Running decoupage-formatters from the command line gives the list of formatters that are available (which are pluggable setuptools extension points at [decoupage.formatters]). For example: /include = site.html could include the site.html genshi template at the top of the body.


determines how to sort the files in a directory; right now only by case-insensitive alphabetically * reverse : reverse the order of the sorting
only pass files of a certain pattern; the inverse of ignore calling all with no arguments means only files with descriptions are used
splits a description into a title and a description via a separator in the description. The template will now have an additional variable, 'title', per file Arguments: * separator: what separator to use (':' by default)
obtain the description from the filename the file extension (if any) will be dropped and spaces will be substituted for underscores
ignore files of a glob patterns. These files will not be linked to in the template. e.g. /ignore = .* *.pdf # don't list dotfiles and PDFs

include: include a file at the top of the body css: specify CSS used (whitespace separated list)

Decoupage also makes use of other special intrinsic keywords:

formatters: ordered list of formatters to apply

inherit: inherit configuration from a certain directory (instead of the parent

transform: a list of transformers for contenttransformer