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Trac Wiki Notification Plugin

Trac WikiNotification is a plugin that allows users(even anonymous, as long as email is set) to select the wiki pages that they wish to be notified(by email) when a change occurs on it.

Note: The user updating the wiki page won't be notified about his own changes.

You can find more info on the trac WikiNotification site where bugs and new feature requests should go to.

Enabling the Plugin

It's as simple as:

wikinotification.* = enabled

Available Configuration Options

These are the options available to include on your trac.ini under wiki-notification.

Config Setting Default Value Explanation
redirect_time 5 (in seconds) The default seconds a redirect should take when watching/un-watching a wiki page. This value is also definable per user, ie, user is able to configure this, of course for himself.
smtp_always_bcc empty Comma separated list of email address(es) to always send notifications to, addresses do not appear publicly (Bcc:).
smtp_always_cc empty Comma separated list of email address(es) to always send notifications to, addresses can be seen by all recipients (Cc:).
smtp_from Sender address to use in notification emails.
from_name None Sender name to use in notification emails. Defaults to project name.
use_public_cc False Recipients can see email addresses of other CC'ed recipients. If this option is disabled(the default), recipients are put on BCC.
attach_diff False Send changes diff as an attachment instead of on the email text body.
subject_template $prefix $ $action A Genshi text template snippet used to get the notification subject.
banned_addresses empty Comma separated list of email addresses to never send notifications to.

If you want to override these settings then you can include it like the following example:

redirect_time = 5
smtp_always_bcc = someone@somedomain,
smtp_always_cc = someone.else@somedomain
smtp_from =
from_name = Custom Name
use_public_cc = false
attach_diff = true
subject_template = Foo $prefix $ $action
banned_addresses = banned.user1@somedomain, banned.user2@somedomain

Note: For an up-to-date version of this info please read this.

Download and Installation

Trac WikiNotification can be installed with Easy Install by typing:

> sudo easy_install TracWikiNotification

To install the development version:

> sudo easy_install

If you run Trac versions < 0.11.x do the following instead:

> sudo easy_install "TracWikiNotification<0.2.0"

Trac 0.11 support And Latest WikiNotification Release

As of time of this writing (Mar 3 2008), trac>=0.11 only is supported. You won't need ctxnavadd, aka, TracCtxtnavAdd no more.

Aditional Notes(from user input)

  • easy_install is run from the command line (on Linux) not from within Python.

  • After installing any plugin for Trac you'll need to restart Apache to see it (not all changes to trac.ini require a restart but adding a plugin does).

  • Make sure to add the new plugin to trac.ini :

    wikinotification.* = enabled
  • Also should be noted that the trac.ini configuration for the wiki notification should look something like:

    smtp_always_cc = someone@somedomain
    smtp_from =
  • Another note: a user will never get a notice of his/her own wiki modification (which is a little tricky when testing the plugin :))

Tweaking/Customizing The Notification Email Template

You can, if you wish, tweak the notification email template sent to your users.

Copy the wiki_notification_email_template.txt file to your trac environment templates/ sub-directory and tweak it to your needs.

Make sure you read the Genshi Text Templates documentation to see if you don't break any of the logic in that template.