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Remi Delon  committed d9c097b

Final tweaks for 2.0.0-final release

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+    * CherryPY-2.0-final released
     * Added tests about static content and httptools.redirect (Remi)
     * Handle %20 (and others) in static content - ticket #104 (Remi)
     * If y is a static dir make y/a?b try and serve a file named a?b (Dan)
     * Added form module (port from CP1 Form.cpy) (Remi)
     * Improved the way static files are being served (Remi)
     * CherryPY-2.0-beta released
     * xmlrpcfilter added (Remco)
     * cpg.response.body is now always an iterable type - ticket #59 (Carlos)
     * Added more unittest (Remi)
     * Fixed file upload bug (Remi)
     * First alpha release of CherryPy-2 (Remi)


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 include CHANGELOG.txt
 include CHERRYPYTEAM.txt
 include *.conf
+include cherrypy/tutorial/README.txt
+include cherrypy/test/style.css
+include cherrypy/test/static/index.html

File README.txt

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-* To install, just type:
+* To install, just type (python-2.3 or later needed):
     python setup.py install
 * To learn how to use it, look at the examples under cherrypy/tutorial/ or go to http://www.cherrypy.org for more info.
-* To run the unittest, just go to the cherrypy/test/ directory and type:
+* To run the regression tests, just go to the cherrypy/test/ directory and type:
     python test.py

File cherrypy/tutorial/Readme2.txt

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-CherryPy Tutorials
-This is a series of tutorials explaining how to develop dynamic web
-applications using CherryPy. A couple of notes:
-  - Each of these tutorials builds on the ones before it. If you're
-    new to CherryPy, we recommend you start with 01_helloworld.py and
-    work your way upwards. :)
-  - In most of these tutorials, you will notice that all output is done
-    by returning normal Python strings, often using simple Python
-    variable substitution. In most real-world applications, you will
-    probably want to use a separate template package (like Cheetah,
-    CherryTemplate or XML/XSL).

File setup.py

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       packages=["cherrypy", "cherrypy.lib", "cherrypy.lib.filter", "cherrypy.tutorial", "cherrypy.test"],
-      download_url="http://trac.cherrypy.org/cgi-bin/trac.cgi/wiki/CherryPyDownload",
-      data_files=[('lib/site-packages/cherrypy/tutorial', ['cherrypy/tutorial/Readme.txt',
-                                         'cherrypy/tutorial/tutorial.conf'])]
+      download_url="http://www.cherrypy.org/wiki/CherryPyDownload",