eggmonster /

import sys
from setuptools import setup

py26 = sys.version_info >= (2,6)
json_requirement = ['simplejson'] if not py26 else []

    author="Jamie Turner/YouGov",
    packages=["eggmonster", "eggmonster.client", "eggmonster.control",
    install_requires=["PyYAML", "httplib2"] + json_requirement,
    entry_points = {
        'console_scripts' : [
            'emget = eggmonster.emget:run',
            'emup = eggmonster.emup:run',
            "em = eggmonster.commands.em:run",
            "emi = eggmonster.commands.emi:run",
            "monster_debug = eggmonster.commands.monster_debug:run",
            "monster_eggserver = eggmonster.commands.monster_eggserver:run",
            "monster_launchd = eggmonster.commands.monster_launchd:run",
            "monster_logd = eggmonster.commands.monster_logd:run",
            "monster_run = eggmonster.commands.monster_run:run",
            "monster_server = eggmonster.commands.monster_server:run",
    setup_requires = [
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