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Focusr is a really simple timer for helping to utilize the Pomodoro Technique. It is not official or authoritative in any sense. Focusr simply takes the idea of giving yourself a set amount of time (25 minute) to do a task and letting you know when it is done.


Focusr relies on libnotify's notify-send command to display notifications, so for the moment it is Linux specific. That said, it seems trivial to add a notify-send command to you path in other operating systems that calls some other notification system such as Growl.


You can install Focusr using easy_install or pip:

easy_install focusr
pip install focusr

Or you can download the source and install it by hand:

python setup.py install

It will install a script called focusr in your python scripts path.

Once it is installed you can run it:

focusr Writing up a blog about my recent vacation

That will start the timer and you should go work! At the end of the 25 minutes, it will display a notification letting you know the time is up. You're then given a 5 minute break, at the end of which you'll get another notification.

After the first cycle you are given the option to repeat the same task (you didn't finish), enter a new task, or quit.

Once you do quit, you'll see a list of the tasks with the number of cycles you worked on it.

That is pretty much it! If you have any problems please make a ticket.