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MongoUI is a really simple way to get a web interface for a MongoDB instance. It is based on tools like hgserve and whatever the git version is called where you can quickly spin up an instance to browse around a repo.

It is also strongly linked to Python in that the the UI is meant to replicate the pymongo APIs rather closely. This goes along with its goal of being useful to a developer who just wants to poke around in the database and filter out results as needed.

Starting It Up

Here are the basic steps until I get a better command line interface.

> hg clone > cd mongoui > python develop # (or install) > python mongoui/

At the moment it only connects to localhost on the default port (27017) but my hope is to make it configurable with some command line flags.


I'm sure there are tons. Add tickets on the bitbucket page and I'll try to fix them.

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