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Added an id command to help see where the current xenv is. This is helpful when you want to verify you are using the right xenv

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 This defines the main 'xe' entry point to the xenv. Below, the parser
 definition describes the usage and UI for interacting with an xenv.
+from __future__ import print_function
 import os
 import sys
+def identity(xenv, args):
+    print('ROOT:', xenv.root)
 def run_cmd(xenv, args):
         create.add_argument('root', help='The root of the xenv')
+        # Check where the current xe is
+        ident = self.subs.add_parser('id', help='Get info on the current xenv')
+        ident.set_defaults(func=identity)
         # run a command via the xenv
         run = self.subs.add_parser('run', prefix_chars='!',
                                    help='Run a command from the xenv')