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   $ XE_ROOT=xenv xe run python
+Seriously? That is it?
+Yup! The reason for making the package is that you can install it to
+get the 'xe' command. I think that is a helpful first step. There is
+nothing stopping you from using a Makefile or pavement.py to do the
+exact same sort of thing.
+In the future I'm hoping that some sort of package management aspect
+can be included. I'd like to make it possible to take a xenv and
+install RPMs and/or tarballs. I'd also like the 'xe' command to
+support customized actions such as running tests for an
+application. This would probably require some agreement by the
+applications, but including a simple test directory with an appname
+and a set of scripts seems like a reasonable first step.
+I realize this isn't that big a deal but I hope the idea makes more
+sense then the actual implementation. At the moment, xenv is really
+for my own use more than others. I have no problem with that changing
+if others feel like the idea has legs.