elbaschid committed afbaff6

fixed issue with fallback to schema entries

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         if value is None:
             schema_value = self.client.get(
-                self.__resolve_keypath('/schemas/%s' % key)
+                self.__resolve_keypath('/schemas%s' % key)
+            if schema_value is None:
+                logger.debug('could not retrieve schema_value: %s', key)
+                return None
             if schema_value.type == gconf.VALUE_SCHEMA:
                 value = schema_value.get_schema().get_default_value()
                 self.client.set_value(key, value)
     def __cb_popup_activate(self, widget, data = None):
-        action = self.config.get("menuaction")
+        #action = self.config.get("menuaction")
-        if action == "show":
-            self.entry_show(data)
+        #if action == "show":
+        self.entry_show(data)
-        elif action == "copy":
-            self.entry_copychain(data)
+        #elif action == "copy":
+        #    self.entry_copychain(data)
-        elif self.__launcher_valid(data):
-            self.entry_goto(data)
+        #elif self.__launcher_valid(data):
+        #    self.entry_goto(data)
-        else:
-            self.entry_show(data)
+        #else:
+        #    self.entry_show(data)
     def entry_show(self, e, focusafter = False):
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