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Issue #15 wontfix

Is it possible to merge two tags with curve lines/or just only lines?!

created an issue

Hi Ian,

I'd like to draw line or curve between two/three tags... Is it possible and how I can do it?


p.s. Good job and greetings, all the best...

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  1. Ian George repo owner

    Wouldn't have thought it possible without moving the whole thing to <canvas>. All I'm doing with this plugin really is moving text about and changing the colour, it may be possible with css3 and some clever tricks but it's not something I've got the time to look at right now.

  2. markoru reporter

    Tnx, anyway...

    One more thing... how to put or zoom some selected tag in center of sphere?! I want to set tag in center when i clicked on him...

    All the best...

  3. Ian George repo owner

    There's nothing in the code as it stands that would support that, you'd have to write quite a lot of extra code to cover knowing where each tag is, and moving it into the centre of the view, and doing that on click would prevent the link in the tag from being used.

    I'd be interested to see how you implement it if you do go ahead with it but it's not something I'm looking to take on.

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