3d tag cloud and jQuery 1.7.1

Issue #8 open
Anonymous created an issue


I' m using the plugin with jQuery 1.7.1, It works fine on all browsers but on IPAD the link not work... If use jQuery 1.4, It work fine also on IPAD.

It is planned to update???

Thanks Best regards

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  1. Ian George repo owner

    Confirmed but not fixed yet, need a bit of quality time with an iPad to run through some tests.

    Seems like touchstart and touchmove either aren't firing or that it's not getting .pageX and .pageY from the event. Be interested to see if anyone has any ideas on this - debugging js on an iPad isn't much fun for me.

  2. Anonymous

    SOLVED :

    $("a.point").bind('touchstart', function(evt){ location.href = $(this).attr("href"); });

    by Mark

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