1. Ian George
  2. jquery.tagsphere


jquery.tagsphere / changelog.txt

- Initial release

- Centered text on points
- prevented default scroll on mousewheel
- changed zooming defaults
- centrex,centrey no longer shared between instances on same page
- updated included version of jquery.mousewheel

- Rebuilt colour facilities to use custom background and foreground
colours which, if not defined will be taken from the container's
colours. Still a bit messy, unset container colours may result in
all-black output if none specified in the plugin options.  
- Zoom now works a little better - it was zooming to max on setup 
- Slightly more efficient, draw() only runs if there has been mouse 
movement Tidied up a few other minor bits and added a fix by 
Dmitry Botezat reported in issue #1

- Sorted out the colour issues, light backgrounds and dark text now work properly
- z-indexing is now working properly for dark on light