Boris FELD  committed 0fc805b

Fix checkers.utils for other implementations (use of __builtins__). Closes #99139. Closes #89838. Theses fixes need fixes on logilab-astng and logilab-common

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File checkers/

     current = node
     while current and not isinstance(current.parent, astng.ExceptHandler):
         current = current.parent
     return current and current is
     """return true if the given node does nothing but 'pass'"""
     return len(body) == 1 and isinstance(body[0], astng.Pass)
-builtins =  __builtins__.copy()
+builtins = builtins.__dict__.copy()
 SPECIAL_BUILTINS = ('__builtins__',) # '__path__', '__file__')
 def is_builtin(name): # was is_native_builtin
     at most one trailing underscore)
     regex = re.compile('^_{2,}.*[^_]+_?$')
-    return regex.match(attrname)
+    return regex.match(attrname)