pylint /

include COPYING
include DEPENDS
include ChangeLog
include TODO
include bin/symilar
include bin/pylint
include bin/*.bat
include bin/pylint-gui
include bin/epylint
include bin/pyreverse
include examples/pylintrc*
include examples/*.py
include elisp/*.el
include elisp/startup
include man/pylint.1
include man/pyreverse.1
include test/data/
include test/data/
recursive-include doc *.txt *.html
recursive-include test/input *.py similar* noext
recursive-include test/messages *.txt *.txt2
recursive-include test/rpythoninput *.py
recursive-include test/rpythonmessages *.txt
recursive-include test/regrtest_data *.py
include test/
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