pylint / README.Python3



Python3 portage is made by running the 2to3 script on all modules::

  find . ! -path "*/test/*py" -name "*py" -exec 2to3-3.1 -wn {} \;


If you want to run the tests, simply remove the "! -path ..." option, hence
also refactoring the test files, including all data files.
Note that when running 2to3 on some test/input/ files, it will crash since
this folder contains corrupted files. Hence, we can not run directly
*2to3* on the test folder::

  $ 2to3 test/

But it will work nice with *find*.


For the Debian packaging, you can use the debian.py3k/ content against
the debian/ folder::

  cp debian.py3k/* debian/
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