Ian George committed e2a3eb3

A bit of tidying up but nothing really achieved.

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 from scikits import audiolab
-import scipy
+from scipy import fftpack, absolute, log10
  # Window dimensions
-screen_width = 600
+screen_width = 1200
 screen_height = 600
-line_colour = 100,100,100
+line_colour = 255,255,255
+audio_file = 'pinetop.wav'
 screen = pygame.display.set_mode((screen_width, screen_height))
 clock = pygame.time.Clock()
     def next(self):
         while len( > 0:
-            X = scipy.fft([:self.frame_bits])
-            Xdb = 20*scipy.log10(scipy.absolute(X))
+            X = fftpack.fft([:self.frame_bits])
+            Xdb = 20*log10(absolute(X))
             yield [int(x) for i, x in enumerate(Xdb) if (i % self.interval == 0)]
     return get_ticks() - ticks
 running = True
-interval = 10
-vis = SignalVis('louis.wav', interval, screen_width)
+interval = 100
+vis = SignalVis(audio_file, interval, screen_width)
 local_time = get_ticks()
     for x in xrange(len(line_data)):
-        screen.set_at((x, screen_height-(300 + int(round(line_data[x]*2)))), line_colour)
+        screen.set_at((x, screen_height-(300 - int(round(line_data[x]*2)))), line_colour)
     while get_time_since(local_time) < interval:
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