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Hello, I test your software before probably an annual subscription problem but two of use appeals to me. AllEvents on the front-end I can remove the buttons copy and print pdf excel column in a list table when I click on an event opens a new window on the detailed of the event opens on this should be the same lot better window.

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  1. Emmanuel Lecoester repo owner


    Can I have somme capture snapshot because I don't understand your two bugs. You speak about buttons et on windows in the same sentence.

    Best regards,


  2. sebastien

    Agenda.png Can remove buttons. And when I click on ESSAI 1 event this opens me a new window instead of staying on the same page.

  3. Emmanuel Lecoester repo owner

    For the buttons on the events page, table layout : not for the moment but it's possible with a little developpement.

    For the click, no problem it will be affected by the global parameters (developped in the version, next version)

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