Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Michael Ekstrand
securely check HMAC validity (refs #3)
Michael Ekstrand
merge some extra dev changes
Michael Ekstrand
add man target to build man pages
Michael Ekstrand
convert last man page
Michael Ekstrand
ignore man pages
Michael Ekstrand
convert rstash-recv man page to markdown
Michael Ekstrand
Convert rstash-send man page to Markdown
Michael Ekstrand
add a README file
Michael Ekstrand
Removed TODO file in favor of BitBucket tickets
Enhanced autoconf checks and added fdatasync/fsync support.
Fixed leaked key in rstash
Removed change log file in favor of HG logs.
Fixed memory management issues.
Removed response message in failed data transfer.
Changed rstash-recv to use l_perror to log errors more uniformly.
Set version number to not be 0.1.
Added TODO to distribution.
Added tar.gz files to hgignore.
Added TODO file.
Added tag release-0.1 for changeset 5db36e640977
Incremented version for release
Removed superfluous backslash.
Added copyright licensing information.
Tweaked message
Added printing of hash to standard output
Cleaned up verbosity things somewhat
Documented -s option to rstash-send
Implemented SHA1 checksum support
Added received-byte count to log message
Disabled debug messages when debug mode not active
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