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Adapt code to suit the needs of Open Source Ecology

Elifarley Cruz
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This script does 3 things. First, it takes out the z values generated by the DXF to G-code Converter (not needed in a 2-axis motion system at hand). Second, it starts a pierce by moving towards the center of a hole. Third, it rotates the torch around a small radius (.05") during preheating. The number of rotations is currently 8, but one should be able to modify this.

See http://opensourceecology.org/wiki/DXF_to_G-code_Conversion_Tutorial#Piercing

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  1. Elifarley Cruz reporter


    • DXF 2 G-Code displays a bunch of import errors when importing Will's sample DXF generated from Solidworks; just click through all the errors, and the image appears at the end.
    • Why does DXF 2 G-Code generate the toolpath twice?
    • Change G21 to G20 for mm -> inch scale within DXF 2 G-Code Eliminate the z feeds since we don't use the z axis for plate torching.
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