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mbkp is a modular backup tool in 2 senses: it groups common backup configuration in named modules, and its source code departs from the monolithic style by grouping similar functions in separate modules.


  • Simplify backup management
  • Leverage similarities between source version control and backup (mbkp status / mbkp log are similar to hg status / hg log or svn status / svn log, for instance)
  • Source code should use best practices in shell / Bash scripting and be easy to extend

Main Features

  • Backup configurations are stored in modules
  • Easily create, export and import configuration modules
  • Built-in help
  • Concurrent backups of a module are detected and skipped
  • Simple backup of MySQL databases
  • List of DB tables to skip
  • List of files to include and exclude is relative to the source (no need to repeat the source prefix for every line)
  • Various pre- and post-hooks
  • Compatible with older and current versions of Duplicity
$ mbkp
MBKP - Modular Backup
mbkp <command> [<param1> <param2> ...]

Basic commands:

backup  perform a full or incremental backup
status  show changed files in the working directory
list    show all files in backup
verify  verify the integrity of the repository
restore restore a backup
call    call a hook
log     list the chains and sets in the backup repository
cache-size    show cache sizes
cache-zap     zap cache data
config-new    create configuration for a new module
config-export export all configuration files
config-import import all configuration files
config-edit   edit a configuration file
help    show help on a given command


  • Create a backup configuration module named 'etc':
mbkp config-new etc
# or you can use a shorthand:
mbkp cn etc
  • Opens configuration for the 'etc' module in vim (or $EDITOR if configured):
mbkp config-edit etc
# or
mbkp ce etc

  • Opens the common configuration file (user-specific) for all modules in vim (or $EDITOR if configured):
mbkp config-edit