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Our goal is to create a social networking and content sharing platform with real utility for all types of relationships that have a digital dimension. We believe this can be achieved in a broadly satisfying way by designing with the following ideas in mind.

We own our data, thank you very much

People have a right to control their data. Specifically, they have the right to control exactly which parties have access to what data about them and to change these policies at any time. They also have the right to copy, modify, redistribute and move their own data at any time for any reason without the use of arcane technical or legal knowledge.

Real relationships are complicated

In real life, relationships are not divided into "friends" and "not friends." In real life, we engage with any number of distinct and overlapping groups of people to satisfy a range of social needs. We hide parts of ourselves from some and expose those parts to others. The nature of our relationships with individuals and groups evolve. We are dynamic and complex social beings and our technology should enhance our ability to express that fact, not imprison and diminish our notion of self.

Openness and quality

By openness we mean transparency and receptivity. All production code, important documentation and design documents will be available publicly. The entire platform is open source and the community is encouraged to experiment and feedback. New features will be reviewed and tested by the community before appearing in official releases generally raising the quality and relevance of the platform.

Status is in the very early stages of development. However, many core services have been implemented and a partially functional UI is available. All code is subject to dramatic change as ideas around core mechanics are evolving rapidly. The rest of this wiki is an in-progress design document.