This is an initial offering of the xobj interface.  It should not be 
considered a stable interface and may not be backwards compatiblei 
with future releases.

The xobj project provides object reflector interfaces between various
dynamic languages and XML.  Currently, Python and ActionScript 3
implementations are available.

These interfaces are intended to allow for concise code for using
and manipulating XML documents.  For example, using the ElementTree
Python library, you might write something like this:

    imageItem = [ x for x in parent if x.tag == 'image' ]

In this case, imageItem will always be a list, even if it is
not defined in the XML schema to be a sequence.

Using xobj, you could refer to the image element more directly:


That will be either a single item or a list, depending on the

It is not required to provide an XML schema to use xobj.  Custom
objects may be used for parts or all of the document, whether or
not an XML schema is provided.  Schema validation is optional.
If new elements show up, they will be preserved across read/write;
schema additions will not normally require code changes.