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filled in some missing change log items

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 			<li>Scaffolding, having been deprecated for a number of versions, has been removed.</li>
 			<li>Plugins have been removed, in favor of Helpers.  The CAPTCHA plugin has been converted to a Helper and <a href="./helpers/captcha_helper.html">documented</a>.  The JavaScript calendar plugin was removed due to the ready availability of great JavaScript calendars, particularly with jQuery.</li>
 			<li>Added new special Library type: <a href="./general/drivers.html">Drivers</a>.</li>
+			<li class="reactor">Added full query-string support.  See the config file for details.</li>
 			<li>Moved the application folder outside of the system folder.</li>
 			<li>Moved system/cache and system/logs directories to the application directory.</li>
 			<li>Added routing overrides to the main index.php file, enabling the normal routing to be overridden on a per "index" file basis.</li>
 			<li class="reactor"><a href="libraries/file_uploading.html">Upload library</a> file_name can now be set without an extension, the extension will be taken from the uploaded file instead of the given name.</li>
 			<li class="reactor">In <a href="database/forge.html">Database Forge</a> the name can be omitted from $this->dbforge->modify_column()'s 2nd param if you aren't changing the name.</li>
 			<li class="reactor"><kbd>$config['base_url']</kbd> is now empty by default and will guess what it should be.</li>
+			<li class="reactor">Enabled full Command Line Interface compatibility with <kbd>config['uri_protocol'] = 'CLI';</kbd>.</li>
+			<li class="reactor">Added a <a href="libraries/caching.html">Cache driver</a> with APC, memcached, and file-based support.</li>
 			<li>Added <var>$prefix</var>, <var>$suffix</var> and <var>$first_url</var> properties to <a href="./libraries/pagination.html">Pagination library</a>.</li>
 			<li>Added the ability to suppress first, previous, next, last, and page links by setting their values to FALSE in the <a href="./libraries/pagination.html">Pagination library</a>.</li>
 			<li>Added <a href="./libraries/security.html">Security library</a>, which now contains the <dfn>xss_clean</dfn> function, <dfn>filename_security</dfn> function and other security related functions.</li>
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