Please note: Blackthorn is no longer under active development, and the code is mostly of historical interest only.

Blackthorn is a 2D game engine written in Common Lisp. See the wiki for more information.

So far, two games have been written using Blackthorn:

  • Thopter (latest version 0.4.5 as of 11/06/2010)
    • Scrolling shooter game in the style of Raptor: Call of the Shadows
    • LAN multiplayer co-op support
    • Videos of Thopter: v0.3.2 v0.0
    • Downloads: Windows Mac Linux
  • Bunny Slayer (latest version 0.1+76 as of 06/07/2009)
    • 2D top-down RPG inspired by Zelda: A Link to the Past et al
    • Downloads: Windows Mac Linux

See the wiki for design rationale, feature lists, documentation, installation guides, and more.

The Blackthorn API is of roughly alpha quality. It is stable in the sense that full games have been built on top of it, but is missing some features one might expect from a quality game engine.

There is also Blackthorn 3D, a 3D game engine written in Common Lisp. The APIs for the two libraries do not overlap; if you want 2D use Blackthorn 2D, if you want 3D use Blackthorn 3D. At this time there is no plan to integrate them.

If you would like to use Blackthorn for a project, please let me know!