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Meet chibi-ORM

SQLite is a small & beautiful sql engine. Also, is the choice for store & manage data on iPhone SDK projects.

With chibiORM is possible to have a object-relational layer for your database in Objective-c.

Not force a single path

You are not force to use this ORM for everything. Go down to direct SQL access if your wish.

FMResultSet *rs = [db load:@"SELECT 1"];

Almost free to design your database

With the limitations on the iPhone platform, is important have freedom to off-load heavy data manipulation on your database.

You are free to design the database *almost* as you wish. The chibiORM layer only ask you to:

  • All tables that are to be mapped must have a auto-numeric field called 'Id'.
  • All tables that are to be mapped must have a date field called 'timeStamp'.
  • For one-to-many, call the field like 'IdCustomer' (ie: Id + table name of the many side)
  • If wanna soft-deletes, add a BOOL field 'isDeleted'

That's all.

Add your views, triggers and anything you like freely.

Easy to learn API

Take a look: tutorial

Used in production

ChibiORM is use in http:///www.bestsellerapp.com, a iPhone/iPad point of sale (POS) with flexible & fast synchronization support to almost any ERP.