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This is a vjoy feeder application written in C# using LibUsbDotNet.

A more readable help page is located here: http://m4sv.com/page/wii-u-gcn-usb-driver

It allows for communication with the WUP-028 model of the Wii U to Gamecube USB adapter.

Quick Features and Facts

  • Compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8

  • Compatibiltiy with windows 10 possible (pending feedback)

  • Use up to 4 gamecube controllers on 1 USB port

  • Only requires the black plug (gray is used to power the rumble motor)

  • Tied with the raphnet adapter for the lowest latency method of using a gamecube controller on PC

  • Compatible with sample rate overclocking using a modified HIDUSB.sys

  • Creates joystick as a default Windows joystick

  • Compatible with x360ce (for use with games that only support xbox controllers)

  • Configurable Deadzones

  • Automatic Updates

  • Full comaptibility with the native dolphin driver

  • Rumble is not currently supported