Unusable. Font color problem?

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App installed using snappy (couldn't find rpm repo) in openSUSE Tubmbleweed using KDE.

Check screenshots - completely unusable.

And no app icon...

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  1. Eloy García Almadén repo owner


    Could you tell me what version of snapd you have installed on your system?. Meanwhile, you could run WallpaperDownloader natively. Please, follow the instructions you will find here under Linux, OSX, Windows with Java section. In addition, the snap package doesn't support changer for KDE DE. You will have this feature available only if you run the application natively. It would be great to have the application packaged and accesible via RPM for avoiding problems.


  2. Eloy García Almadén repo owner

    Hi again!

    Finally I have downloaded and installed openSUSE Tumbleweed. I installed snapd (version 2.7) and then, sudo snap install wallpaperdownloader The application is running fine and all the texts are displayed correctly, but I had to reboot the system first. Nevertheless, the snap package is doing something strange, because when the application is minimized in the system tray and you try to maximize it, a exception is thrown and the application crashes.

    I have tested the snap package in Arch Linux and KDE Neon (for KDE Desktop) and everything works fine... Maybe I have to open a new thread in snapcraft forum to see if some developer can give me a hint.

    Meanwhile, I would recommend you to execute the application natively as I described in the previous comment.

    Thank you very much for your feedback again :)

    Best regards,


  3. Eloy García Almadén repo owner

    After some time, today i updated the prevously installed VM with OpenSUSE and now the application is working properly. Maybe the previous version of snapd had some bug and now it is fixed :)

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