No changer tab in v3.1

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There is no "Changer" tab in the app.

I'm using Unity in Ubuntu 18.04. The app was installed as a snap.

wallpaperdownloader 3.1 20 stable egarcia -

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  1. Eloy García Almadén repo owner

    Thanks for reporting. I'll take a look. Did you upgrade from Ubuntu 16.04 to Ubuntu 18.04 or is this a clean installation?

  2. Eloy García Almadén repo owner

    It would be very helpful if you can send me the log (~/snap/wallpaperdownloader/current/.wallpaperdownloader/wallpaperdownloader.log) at

    Thank you very much!!!

  3. Eloy García Almadén repo owner

    I could reproduce the bug on a clean installation of proper Ubuntu 18.04 and installing Unity desktop and session. This is the log:

    log4j:WARN File option not set for appender [logfile].
    log4j:WARN Are you using FileAppender instead of ConsoleAppender?
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:77 - Checking configuration...
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:78 - Checking application's directory
    [13:10:59] INFO  PreferencesManager:49 - Creating PreferenceManager instance for the first time...
    [13:10:59] INFO  PreferencesManager:65 - Setting user's configuration file path to /home/egarcia/snap/wallpaperdownloader/20/.wallpaperdownloader/config.txt
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:259 - It has been detected that wallpaperdownloader application has been installed via snap package. Reconfiguring downloads directory to current if it is needed...
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:281 - Downloads directory -> /home/egarcia/snap/wallpaperdownloader/current/.wallpaperdownloader/downloads
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:312 - Checking blacklist directory...
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:322 - Blacklist directory already exists. Skipping...
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:327 - Retrieving operating system... Linux
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDConfigManager:345 - Operating System detected: Linux
    [13:10:59] INFO  WallpaperChanger:49 - Instanciating wallpaper changer...
    [13:10:59] INFO  LinuxWallpaperChanger:54 - Checking XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP environment variable. Value = Unity:Unity7:ubuntu
    [13:10:59] INFO  LinuxWallpaperChanger:88 - Desktop environment detected: UNKNOWN
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDUtilities:305 - Downloads directory space occupied: 0 %
    [13:10:59] INFO  WDUtilities:215 - Getting all the wallpapers in downloads_directory...
    [13:10:59] INFO  ChangerDaemon:74 - Starting automatically changing process...
    [13:10:59] INFO  Harvester:71 - Initializing providers...
    [13:10:59] INFO  Harvester:171 - Starting harvesting process...
    [13:10:59] INFO  Harvester:71 - Initializing providers...
    [13:10:59] INFO  Harvester:194 - No providers configured. Nothing to do.
    [13:10:59] INFO  BackgroundChangingProcess:71 - Automated wallpaper changer process is OFF

    It will be resolved on the next release, v3.2. Thanks!

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