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Hi, this app is great, i used it on ubuntu 18.10 till i switched over to mint 19.1. Since then I have been unable to get it to work, all the providers are greyed out and and no automatic downloading starts. I tried using the snap to install instead but still have the same result.
Version 3.3
This is from the terminal window:

[14:58:56] INFO Harvester:71 - Initializing providers...
[14:58:56] INFO Harvester:171 - Starting harvesting process...
[14:58:56] INFO Harvester:71 - Initializing providers...
[14:58:56] INFO Harvester:194 - No providers configured. Nothing to do.

I'd love to get it working again if you have any ideas.


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  1. Eloy García Almadén repo owner


    First of all, thank you very much for your kind words. I really appreciate that you like WallpaperDownloader :)

    And thank you for reporting this bug. It would very helpful if you can attach:

    • wallpaperdownloader.log file, which is in /home/youruser/.wallpaperdownloader/wallpaperdownloader.log
    • A screenshot of the main window where you see the disabled providers.
    • What Desktop Environment are you using?

    Nevertheless, I'll install a Linux Mint 19.1 and give it a try to see if I can reproduce this error.

    Thanks again!

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