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CSV sample

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I don't have the same type of collar (Vectronic Aerospace) so I was wondering if you could post a sample of the txt file and possibly a short note about if it is not self-explanatory. That would allow me to write a custom import module for the data that I have.


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  1. Ilja Heckmann repo owner


    if your data is in a wide-spread format, you could send me a sample of it (the first couple of lines from the file, including the header) and I'll add it to CSVReader. Otherwise you can import any kind of a well-structured CSV data by passing the right parameters ("delimiter", "skiplines", "columns" and "coltypes") to the constructor. I've tried to explain that here:


    You'll have to write your own converter from strings to date/time/numbers though, like in the linked example, but that shouldn't be very difficult. Post the first couple of lines if you need help.

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