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docs: post-release updating

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 New Features
-* supporting builtin and c-extension modules
-* added in_hierarchy option to find occurrences
-* faster class hierarchy analysis for refactorings
-* added maxfixes to get doc and get definition location
-* deprecated codeassist templates
-* added extension_modules project config
-If a module cannot be found in python path, rope looks it up in
-``extension_modules`` project config; if it exists there, rope imports
-it and analyzes its contents (rather than analyzing the source code
-which is done for normal modules).
-``in_hierarchy`` parameter (for matching all matching methods in class
-hierarchies) and implicit interfaces (activated on attributes of
-function parameters) have been added to
-`codeassist.find_occurrences()` (rename and change signature already
-support them).  Also ``in_hierarchy`` option no longer requires
-scanning all files for making the class hierarchy, so it is much
-`codeassist` module used to support templates.  But templates are much
-more related to IDEs and most IDEs support them separately; so
-functions and parameters related to them are deprecated now.
 Getting Started

File rope/__init__.py

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 """rope, a python refactoring library"""
 INFO = __doc__
-VERSION = '0.7.9'
+VERSION = '0.8'
 Copyright (C) 2006-2008 Ali Gholami Rudi