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Search local vimrc files (".lvimrc") in the tree (root dir up to current dir) and load them.

Recent activity

Markus Braun

Markus Braun pushed 4 commits to embear/localvimrc

ae3dc1f - Merge pull request #21 from lethal-guitar/patch-1
4654506 - Merge pull request #20 from blueyed/localvimrc_persistence_file_default_hidden
77b32cb - Add note about makeprg and sandbox
5ab241e - Change the default for localvimrc_persistence_file
Markus Braun

Markus Braun pushed 2 commits to embear/localvimrc

b57bada - merge dictionaries localvimrc_answers and localvimrc_checksums into localvimrc_data
b724113 - switch from viminfo to private persistence file
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