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Updated README and to reference PyPA

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   aspects of ``easy_install``, and supplied the doctests for the command-line
   ``.exe`` wrappers on Windows.
-* Phillip J. Eby is the principal author and maintainer of setuptools, and
+* Phillip J. Eby is the seminal author of setuptools, and
   first proposed the idea of an importable binary distribution format for
   Python application plug-ins.
   "Code Bear" Taylor) contributed their time and stress as guinea pigs for the
   use of eggs and setuptools, even before eggs were "cool".  (Thanks, guys!)
+* Since the merge with Distribute, Jason R. Coombs is the
+  maintainer of setuptools.  The project is maintained in coordination with
+  the Python Packaging Authority (PyPA) and the larger Python community.
 .. _files:
     description="Easily download, build, install, upgrade, and uninstall "
                 "Python packages",
-    author="The fellowship of the packaging",
+    author="Python Packaging Authority",
     license="PSF or ZPL",
     long_description = long_description,