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merge fix for relative python interpreter option to mkvirtualenv

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     add2virtualenv directory1 directory2 ...
 Sometimes it is desirable to share installed packages that are not in
-the system ``site-pacakges`` directory and which should not be
+the system ``site-packages`` directory and which should not be
 installed in each virtualenv.  One possible solution is to symlink the
 source into the environment ``site-packages`` directory, but it is
 also easy to add extra directories to the PYTHONPATH by including them

+function virtualenvwrapper_absolutepath {
+    if [ "$1" = "" ]; then
+        return 1
+    else
+        "$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON" -c "import os,sys; sys.stdout.write(os.path.abspath(\"$1\")+'\n')"
+        return 0
+    fi
 function virtualenvwrapper_derive_workon_home {
     typeset workon_home_dir="$WORKON_HOME"
                 i=$(( $i + 1 ));
                 packages="$packages ${in_args[$i]}";;
+            -p|--python)
+                i=$(( $i + 1 ));
+                interpreter="${in_args[$i]}";
+                interpreter=$(virtualenvwrapper_absolutepath "$interpreter");;
                 i=$(( $i + 1 ));
         i=$(( $i + 1 ))
+    if [ ! -z $interpreter ]
+    then
+        out_args=( "--python=$interpreter" ${out_args[@]} )
+    fi;
     set -- "${out_args[@]}"
     eval "envname=\$$#"
     for pydir in "$@"
-        absolute_path=$("$VIRTUALENVWRAPPER_PYTHON" -c "import os,sys; sys.stdout.write(os.path.abspath(\"$pydir\")+'\n')")
+        absolute_path=$(virtualenvwrapper_absolutepath "$pydir")
         if [ "$absolute_path" != "$pydir" ]
             echo "Warning: Converting \"$pydir\" to \"$absolute_path\"" 1>&2
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