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Adding ts ex20 and ex31 in the nightly testing script

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 	   ${DIFF} output/ex17_2.out ex17_2.tmp || echo  ${PWD} "\nPossible problem with ex17_2, diffs above \n=========================================";  \
 	   ${RM} -f ex17_2.tmp
+	-@${MPIEXEC} -n 1 ./ex20 > ex20_1.tmp 2>&1; \
+	   ${DIFF} output/ex20_1.out ex20_1.tmp || echo  ${PWD} "\nPossible problem with ex20_1, diffs above \n=========================================";  \
+	   ${RM} -f ex20_1.tmp
 	-@${MPIEXEC} -n 1 ./ex22 -da_grid_x 200 -ts_monitor_draw_solution -ts_arkimex_type 4 -ts_adapt_type none > ex22_1.tmp 2>&1; \
 	   ${DIFF} output/ex22_1.out ex22_1.tmp || echo  ${PWD} "\nPossible problem with ex22_1, diffs above \n=========================================";  \
 	   ${DIFF} output/ex30_2.out ex30_2.tmp || printf "${PWD}\nPossible problem with ex30_2, diffs above \n=========================================\n"; \
 	   ${RM} -f ex30_2.tmp
+	-@${MPIEXEC} -n 1 ./ex31 > ex31_1.tmp 2>&1; \
+	   ${DIFF} output/ex31_1.out ex31_1.tmp || echo  ${PWD} "\nPossible problem with ex20_1, diffs above \n=========================================";  \
+	   ${RM} -f ex31_1.tmp
 TESTEXAMPLES_C		  = ex1.PETSc runex1 runex1_2 ex1.rm ex2.PETSc runex2 ex2.rm ex3.PETSc runex3 runex3_2 ex3.rm \
                             ex4.PETSc runex4 runex4_2 runex4_3 runex4_4 ex4.rm ex5.PETSc ex5.rm \
                             ex6.PETSc runex6 ex6.rm ex7.PETSc runex7 runex7_2 runex7_3 ex7.rm \


+steps 500, ftime 0.5
+Vector Object: 1 MPI processes
+  type: seq


+Solving ODE "hull1972a1" with dt 0.010000, final time 20.000000 and system size 1.
+Error = 1.973970E-10.
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