Jed Brown avatar Jed Brown committed e9c5249

TSARKIMEX: add test of interpolation

1758d9823b2c559 "Fixed a bug in TSInterpolate_ARKIMEX..." fixed a sign
error. This test confirms that interpolation works as advertised. With
the sign error, the last output line was:

step 9 t=1.00000000e+01 h= 3.02e+00 |x|= 1.21e+00 |x_e|= 8.85e-01 |x-x_e|= 2.09e+00

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 	   else echo ${PWD} ; echo "Possible problem with with ex7_3, diffs above \n========================================="; fi; \
 	   ${RM} -f ex7_3.tmp
+	-@${MPIEXEC} -n 1 ./ex8 -monitor_error -ts_atol 1e-2 -ts_rtol 1e-2 -ts_exact_final_time interpolate -ts_type arkimex > ex8_1.tmp 2>&1; \
+	   ${DIFF} output/ex8_1.out ex8_1.tmp || printf "${PWD}\nPossible problem with ex8_1, diffs above \n=========================================\n"; \
+	   ${RM} -f ex8_1.tmp
 	-@${MPIEXEC} -n 1 ./ex9 -da_grid_x 100 -initial 1 -xmin -2 -xmax 5 -exact -limit mc > ex9_1.tmp 2>&1; \
 	   ${DIFF} output/ex9_1.out ex9_1.tmp || echo  ${PWD} "\nPossible problem with ex9_1, diffs above \n========================================="; \
 TESTEXAMPLES_C		  = ex1.PETSc runex1 runex1_2 ex1.rm ex2.PETSc runex2 ex2.rm ex3.PETSc runex3 runex3_2 ex3.rm \
                             ex4.PETSc runex4 runex4_2 runex4_3 runex4_4 ex4.rm ex5.PETSc ex5.rm \
                             ex6.PETSc runex6 ex6.rm ex7.PETSc runex7 runex7_2 runex7_3 ex7.rm \
-                            ex8.PETSc ex8.rm \
+                            ex8.PETSc runex8 ex8.rm \
                             ex10.PETSc runex10 runex10_2 runex10_3  ex10.rm \
                             ex12.PETSc ex12.rm ex13.PETSc runex13 runex13_2 runex13_3 ex13.rm\
                             ex15.PETSc runex15 runex15_2 runex15_3 runex15_4 runex15_5 ex15.rm \


+step    0 t=0.00000000e+00 h= 1.00e-03  |x|= 0.00e+00  |x_e|= 0.00e+00  |x-x_e|= 0.00e+00
+step    1 t=1.00000000e-03 h= 1.00e-02  |x|= 9.95e-03  |x_e|= 9.95e-03  |x-x_e|= 2.52e-10
+step    2 t=1.10000000e-02 h= 1.00e-01  |x|= 1.04e-01  |x_e|= 1.04e-01  |x-x_e|= 2.17e-06
+step    3 t=1.11000000e-01 h= 1.87e-01  |x|= 6.74e-01  |x_e|= 6.69e-01  |x-x_e|= 5.73e-03
+step    4 t=2.98272277e-01 h= 3.49e-01  |x|= 9.36e-01  |x_e|= 9.25e-01  |x-x_e|= 1.04e-02
+step    5 t=6.47239215e-01 h= 9.51e-01  |x|= 8.52e-01  |x_e|= 8.48e-01  |x-x_e|= 3.74e-03
+step    6 t=1.59828874e+00 h= 4.07e+00  |x|= 7.61e-02  |x_e|= 7.18e-02  |x-x_e|= 4.32e-03
+step    7 t=4.67458203e+00 h= 3.16e+00  |x|= 1.55e-01  |x_e|= 1.36e-01  |x-x_e|= 1.84e-02
+step    8 t=7.83373000e+00 h= 3.28e+00  |x|= 1.39e-01  |x_e|= 1.19e-01  |x-x_e|= 1.96e-02
+step    9 t=1.00000000e+01 h= 3.02e+00  |x|= 9.32e-01  |x_e|= 8.85e-01  |x-x_e|= 4.70e-02
+steps 9 (1 rejected, 0 SNES fails), ftime 10, nonlinits 30, linits 30
+step    9 t=1.00000000e+01 h= 3.02e+00  |x|= 9.32e-01  |x_e|= 8.85e-01  |x-x_e|= 4.70e-02
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