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 4 middle slice edges. There is a transition table and pruning table for each of
 these coordinates.
+rand.c, 2_rand.c
 Spit out psuedorandom cube states. I think this one is fairly self explanitory.
 I need to look into finding a better pRNG (and a better way to seed it).
+Spit out all possible 2x2x2 combinations. Better for testing 2_solve than
+2_rand is.
 I took solve.c, ripped out a bunch of parts, and use it as an optimal 2x2x2
-solver. Still haven't cleaned it up to make it pure C89 and output no warnings
-like I did with solve.c
+solver. Then I changed from 2 pruning tables to 1 which holds the entire cube
+space, and iterate through the table instead of recursively searching for a
 gather.c distribute.c