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These tools are definitely a work in progress. There is no documentation yet.
I plan to write man pages at some point...

The files in this top directory are not necessarily in working order and are
poorly documented.

These are the most mature tools, and where I have been doing most of my work.
I get distracted easily. These tools do not use cubeutils.[ch], each file can
be compiled on its own. If you want to have fun, go here.

These files were used to make the javascript 2 phase solver. Many thanks to
Tom Rokicki for his help. (He made the GUI and made the solver run orders of
magnitude faster).

Recent activity

Evan Gates

Evan Gates pushed 4 commits to emg/cubeutils

d8d91e3 - update TODO
f36ee91 - first pass at using depth % 3 for pruning tables. only 1 table per phase. still extremely sloppy, and slower than I'd like.
6002fb9 - solve is void, not int. cleanup
c826553 - faster init_prune, start searches at max prune value instead of 0
Evan Gates

Evan Gates pushed 2 commits to emg/cubeutils

865b832 - fixed and better pruning table for 2_solve (although guess it's not a pruning table anymore is it?)
7c7384b - faster iterative init_prune for 2x2x2 solver
Evan Gates

Evan Gates pushed 3 commits to emg/cubeutils

15a8932 - bunch of messy experiements for target length, first pass at exponential damping with small list
15d8fc8 - merge
2774d6d - add one_sol, max_p1d, interval, optimal
Evan Gates

Evan Gates pushed 1 commit to emg/cubeutils

ea74193 - first pass at adjusting timeout to meet target length solutions. sloppy, wrong, underdamped, get wild swings.
Evan Gates

Evan Gates pushed 8 commits to emg/cubeutils

6a5da5b - decrement intsead of assignment
2966ab7 - cleanup, add option to updated printout every m lines
a4c89c0 - add SOLVE variable to easily change binary/arguments, kill all pids
4c8a3e6 - add programs to makefile
1357b05 - add 2_all to generate all possible 2x2x2 cube states, 2_rand for random states
Evan Gates

Evan Gates pushed 3 commits to emg/cubeutils

155410f - don't recross boundaries between phase 1 and 2 (misses some solutions, won't prove optimal, but faster according to kociemba)
521ca31 - fix max_len vs len
4e603b7 - add some options, a little cleanup
Evan Gates

Evan Gates pushed 1 commit to emg/cubeutils

75615f5 - first pass at continuing the search for shorter solutions, now it's time for cleanup
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