Solutions to some of the problems from /r/dailyprogrammer [0]
TODO: flesh these out with explanations

add_chain_3.c: Challenge #204. Hard. Addition chains [1]
Find the shortest sequence of numbers that starts with 1 where each number
is the sum of the two previous numbers ending with the given number.

cycle.c: Challenge #188. Hard. Arrows and Arrows, part 1 [2]
Read a grid of arrows and find the longest cycle created by following

dogtreats.awk: Challenge #214. Hard. Chester, the greedy Pomeranian [3]
Given a unit square and a dog in the middle, find the shortest path to
eat all the treats in the square.

estimatepi.c: Challenge #225. Intermediate. Estimating pi from images
of circles [4]
Given a monochrome image of a circle (or circles) estimate pi = A/r^2

langford.c: Challenge #224. Hard. Langford strings [5]
Create Langford strings, strings consisting of pairs of each letter
such that each pair has the a number of characters between them equal
to the position of that letter in the alphabet. e.g. Langford string
order 3: BCABAC

loopyrobot.c: Challenge #210. Hard. Loopy Robots [6]
Given a robot that can turn left or right 90 degrees and move a single
unit forward, determine if a string of commands results in a loop.

poetry.awk: Challenge #221. Hard. Poetry in a haystack [7]
Given a file with 50,000 lines of gibberish, find the 3 lines of English
poetry. Challenge #178. Hard. Regular Expression Fractals [8]
Repeatedly subdivide a grid by quadrant, appending the quadrant number,
until each pixel is named by a string containing numbers 1-4, then color
those pixels based on length of regular expressions matching against
those names.

reversemaze.awk: Challenge #212. Hard. Reverse Maze [9]
Given a maze and path, find start and end points for which the path
is possible.

torpn.c, rpneval.c: Challenge #205. Intermediate. RPN [10]
Convert 4 operator expressions from infix to RPN. Evaluate the RPN output.

turingmachine_awk.awk, turingmachine_c.c: Challenge #208. Hard. The
Universal Machine [11]
Create a Turing Machine. Read table of state transitions and initial tape,
output final tape.

wumpus.c: Challenge #154. Hard. Wumpus Cave Game [12]
Implement "Hunt the Wumpus."

rpsls/: Challenge #159. Easy, Intermediate, Hard. Rock, Paper, Scissors,
Lizard, Spock
Write increasingly complex bots to play the game of rock paper scissors
lizard spock.