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document implication of autojoin patch and now tag 1.5 for real :)

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       as raw irc (only worked for raw commands in capital lettersin the past) => Thanks samurai!
     - create in FIFO on receiving a privmsg directly instead of requiring a new
       /j command first => Thanks Evan Gates
+      this also implies that in FIFOs aren't deleted on channel leaves any longer because
+      this itself creates a channel event again which in turn would recreate the file
     - minor changes
 1.4 (2008-08-09):
 static void proc_channels_input(Channel *c, char *buf) {
-	static char infile[256];
+	/* static char infile[256]; */
 	char *p = NULL;
 	if(buf[0] != '/' && buf[0] != 0) {
 						"PART %s :ii - 500 SLOC are too much\r\n", c->name);
 			write(irc, message, strlen(message));
-			create_filepath(infile, sizeof(infile), c->name, "in");
-			unlink(infile);
+			/*create_filepath(infile, sizeof(infile), c->name, "in");
+			unlink(infile); */
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