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ii is a minimalistic FIFO and filesystem based IRC client.  It creates an irc
directory tree with server, channel and nick name directories.  In every
directory a FIFO file (in) and and normal file (out) is placed.

The in file is used to communicate with the servers and the out files include
the server messages. For every channel and every nick name there will be new in
and out files.

The basic idea of this is to be able to communicate with an IRC server with
standard command line tools.  For example if you want to join a channel just do
echo "/j #channel" > in and ii creates a new channel directory with in and out

Edit to match your local setup. ii is installed into
/usr/local by default.

Afterwards enter the following command to build and install ii (if
necessary as root):

    $ make clean install

Running ii
Simply invoke the 'ii' command with required arguments

To make ii a bit more comfortable use it in combination with the multitail
program and for example with vim. Run vim in the server directory and use
key mapping like:
map w1 :.w >> \#ii/in<cr>
map w2 :.w >> \#wmii/in<cr>
to post to channels.

If you use the next editor line for a new posting you can use ctrl-p for nick
completion if you wrote the nick in the past.
Thanks to Matthias Kopfermann for this hint.

You can find an example of how this nested environment could look like on:

No configuration is needed.

Since I missed the chance to add a proper changelog right from the beginning,
please have a look at the commit messages on
they are fairly descriptive on releases prior to 1.2.

If you want to contact the developers just write a mail to
ii (at) modprobe (dot) de

-- Nico Golde, Anselm R. Garbe

Recent activity

Nico Golde

Commits by Nico Golde were pushed to emg/ii-emg

d163c89 - a little cleanup by Connor Lane Smith, thanks!
Nico Golde

Commits by Nico Golde were pushed to emg/ii-emg

f09f802 - update CHANGES and makefile config for 1.6
Nico Golde

Commits by Nico Golde were pushed to emg/ii-emg

ef1dbf7 - restructuring to stay under 500 lines ;) fix regression from 1.5 on handling unknown commands
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