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A pacman compatible package manager.


I've wanted to write a package manager for some time, and HereticLinux, an Arch Linux fork gave me a good chance. The goal is to make a package manager that is compatible with Arch Linux's packages and repositories so that we don't have to recompile and host all of the packages. In addition it should be fast, and simple, escaping the complexities of pacman's libalpm.


So far pacinfo, pacsearch, pacdeps, pacrm, and pacprovides are in a 'working' state. (pacdeps doesn't handle pkgname>=pkgver type dependencies, just tells you the package name) There is no documentation as of yet so I recommend you read the code. While you're at it, let me know what you think, what's good, bad, and ugly, and your thoughts on fixing it; it's always nice to have another opinion.

  • pacinfo returns info on the given package
  • pacsearch searches for package names (not descriptions) with the given substring (not regexp, but if you want regexp, pipe the ouput through grep)
  • pacdeps returns all the dependencies for a given package (use with pacsearch -n to find out what needs to be installed)
  • pacrm removes the given package (moving any files in backup to file.pacback)
  • pacprovides is my way of dealing with the provides field, it creates metapackages in the database, read the commit log

The end result is, I think, a nice modular workflow, which can easily be combined using scripts if needed. Until I add better documentation, tips and tricks, etc. your best bet is to struggle through the code.