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pcw \- popup chat window

.B pcw
uses inotify to monitor a directory tree (created by ii) and open terminals
running cw with the in and out files for each channel

.B cw
uses inotify to monitor a file and write changes to stdout as they happen,
and sends text written on stdin to another file. It's meant for use with pcw
and ii, but may come in handy elsewhere.
.B pcw
.RB [ \-t
.IR terminal ]
.RB [ \-v ]
.IR dir

.B cw
.RB [ \-c|\-f ]
.RB [ \-q ]
.RB [ \-v ]
.IR infile
.IR outfile

.IR " dir"
the root of the directory tree you want to monitor (ii defaults to ~/irc)
.IR " infile"
the file to monitor for changes and print to stdout
.IR " outfile"
the file to write user input to
.BI \-t " terminal"
the terminal program to use (defaults to urxvt) (assumes -title and -e flags)
.BI \-c
if infile or outfile don't exist create them
.BI \-f
if infile or outfile don't exist create them as fifos (pcw does this, when a user messages you ii creates the out file but doesn't create the in fifo until you explicitly '/j user msg' so we create the fifo and wait for ii to connect to it when you '/j user msg')
.BI \-q
quiet, don't print the "opening file" and "new text starts here" messages on stderr
.BI \-v
prints version information and exits

Copyright \(co 2010 by Evan Gates <evan.gates (at) gmail (dot) com>