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update man page to reflect change of -t to -c

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 and ii, but may come in handy elsewhere.
 .B pcw
-.RB [ \-t
-.IR terminal ]
+.RB [ \-c
+.IR command ]
 .RB [ \-v ]
 .IR dir
 .IR " outfile"
 the file to write user input to
-.BI \-t " terminal"
-the terminal program to use (defaults to urxvt) (assumes -title and -e flags)
+.BI \-c " command"
+the command to run for each new channel, using %p %c %o and %i, defaults to "urxvt -title %p -e srw -p %c cw %o %i" which gives you something along the lines of, "urxvt -title irc/ -e srw -p #suckless> irc/ irc/
 .BI \-v
 prints version information and exits
 void usage(void)
-	printf("Usage: pcw [-t terminal] [-v] dir\n");
+	printf("Usage: pcw [-c command] [-v] dir\n");