Anonymous committed 4391c1b now gzips old files to archive them, add the command i use for which includes the -w flag for srw

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 	while true; do
 		find "$PREFIX/$serv" | grep "in$" | xargs rm # clean stale fifos
+		# compress old stuff, means fewer lines for cw to rewrite for reflows,
+		# and we still get to keep the old stuff, and it's smaller
+		for f in $(find "$PREFIX/$serv" | grep "out$"); do
+			gzip -c "$f" >> "${f}_old.gz"
+			rm "$f"
+		done
 		for line in $commands; do
 # For colors, bell on nick, better line wrapping etc.
 # exec urxvt -title "$CPATH" -e srw -p "$(basename "$CPATH")> " -i "$OUT" -o "$IN" -n "$NICK"
+# And to add reflowing text when the window changes size.  Although beware, in
+# this case reflow means reprint the whole file at the new width.  This can be
+# slow, but if you use it gzips the old out files everytime you startup
+# again.  (This is the one I use, along with
+# exec urxvt -title "$CPATH" -e srw -pw "$(basename "$CPATH")> " -i "$OUT" -o "$IN" -n "$NICK"
 # If you want to use tabbed ( so each new
 # channel has it's own tab.  Start tabbed with -d then export the window id as