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Evan Gates  committed 645ea74

add example of not using srw in config.def.h, untested

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  * pipes the output through sed for colors and bell on my nick so urxvt sets the urgent hint.
+ * The default command
+ */
 #define CMD { "urxvt", "-title", paths[wd], "-e", "srw", "-p", channel, "cw", out, in, NULL }
+ * Use this if for some reason you really don't want to use srw, it's not necessary, but it makes
+ * everything much nicer, there's a reason, it's the default...
+ */
+//#define CMD { "urxvt", "-title", paths[wd], "-e", "cw", out, in, NULL }
  * Use this if you want colors and bell on your nick. You must first edit cw_color.sh to change the
  * nick, and then place it in your path. It is not installed by default.